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  November 15, 2007--

Without Hillary Clinton's authorization, archivist at Clinton Liebrary, to be confused with Clinton Library, releases controversial Clinton Liebrary Book on Clinton motto, "Pardon my funding with funding from pardons."

            Amidst numerous news reports about the controversies over what Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have, and have not, authorized for release from the Clinton Library archives, as well as reports of Hillary's current acceptance of funding from pardons issue by Bill in the waning hours of his presidency, Senator Clinton "adamantly denied" that the controversial Clinton Liebrary Book "was among the books she recently authorized to be released from the Clinton Liebrary" (to be confused with the Clinton Library).  She expressed such denial in an off-the-record interview with PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief.  (Note:  Some of the news-links above may expire, in which case you can copy the url and then paste it into the WayBack Machine search engine and can thereby often find an expired link in the archives of the internet.)

            However, according to the Librarian at the Clinton Liebrary, the law as written does not require any such "authorization" from either Hillary or Bill Clinton.  Most legal scholars and experts on such books agree with the Librarian.  Expert observers are predicting it's destined to become the "most controversial" item from those archives.  Why?  Because it includes so many controversial things about what's become known as "the Clinton Era Error."

            The book answers many unanswered questions about the Clinton presidency as well events during the first year following Bill Clinton's departure from office.  For example, why did he pardon Susan McDougal but not his long-time friend, Webster Hubbell?   An excerpt from the book reveals Bill Clinton's answer to that question:

Since Susan McDougal earned fame
by learning to walk in those chains
as I walked around--
with trousers pulled down,
I surely must pardon that dame.

But Hubbell, who never wore chains,
and often showed feelings of shame,
will not get a pardon--
To use "prison" jargon,
"I'll let him 'roll over' again."

            Among many controversial things in the book are first-drafts of Bill's and Hillary's memoirs, which are known within the archives as the "Billary/Hillary Dueling Memoirs."  The first drafts of both sets of memoirs are in the book and excerpts from them will soon be featured in a video on the Hystery Channel™ in a video partnership with the Clinton Liebrary.  

            There's much more in the Clinton Liebrary Book including the hysterical impeachment saga, a chapter on "Pardon My Funding with Funding from Pardons," the Ballad of the Battle of Ballots in Election 2000, Disbarment Proceedings, many limericks, special sections devoted to Hillary and Al Gore as well as Monica, and much more.   It's an invaluable resource that all political junkies need on both sides of the aisle and in the middle as well.

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