Clinton Presidential Center.
Clinton named his presidential library the Clinton Presidential Center rather than the Clinton Library or Clinton Presidential Library.  Why did he choose "Center" instead of  "Library"Why did OSHA promulgate special safety rules for visitors to the Clinton Presidential Center?  Who's trying to suppress the Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition?

    Bill Clinton has named his library
    a "center" instead of library.
    Of course we know why
    in the blink of an eye:
    because "library" rhymes with "

    But why did he choose the word "center"?
    It's not 'cause the sound rhymes with "enter."
    The idea was his,
    so we know that it "is"
Clinphonics for "sinner" !

official site is

Clinphonics is a term I coined and explained in the Clinton Liebrary Book in the chapter on Translating Clintonese.  (I also refer to this method for learning Clintonese as  "Hookered on Clinphonics.") --Librarian@ClintonLiebrary.Com.

Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition.
A great collector's item about the Clinton Era Error by Jim Wrenn. If you buy this book, then when your grandchildren are sitting on your knee asking, "What did you buy during the Great Impeachment, Grand-Person
*," you won't have to say, "Well, I just bought some B.S. from the media."

*By the time you have grandchildren, the'll no longer use sexually
discriminatory terms such as "grandaddy" or "grandma."

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